Call Out by L.B. Clark

One phone call changes the direction of Elizabeth’s life towards a world of the unknown. Elizabeth is forced out of her comfort zone, to face her worst fears and unknown ideals, to find her missing best friend. Along with her best friends’ boyfriend and his mysterious friend, London. Elizabeth has no idea the danger, magic and emotion that lies between them and Dylan’s safety. Does Elizabeth have the strength to get everybody through their worst nightmare? Does she have the strength to face up to the danger and herself?

With romance, suspense and the paranormal thrown in for good measure Call Out keeps the reader turning the page. The unknown elements of magic and the danger lies around every corner takes the reader along with the characters for an adventure full of risk, fear, magic, and love.
Unfortunately, the voice of the protagonist could be very distracting. Elizabeth is described as an independent 35-year-old woman, yet her voice often veered towards an adolescent tomboy, which is not only annoying but distracts the reader from the plot. The magic, the paranormal and the passion captured my interest, but the dialogue often left me confused about the characters that I thought I knew so well.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Why you’ll like it
If you love magic and the paranormal yet yearn for a good love story.

Why you won’t
If the thought of magic leaves you running for the fact and science books.