They are known as It Moosicide by Lisa Hall Deckert

A novelette and story all showing neatness packaged along and that includes a similar heroine Mount McKinley Hawthorne. Moosicide could be a teenaged who-dunnit that whips on at a cracking pace. Rondy could be a short tale set at the Fur Rendevous in Anchorage revolving around mysterious larceny.
Moosicide could be a pleasant and compact story. The atmosphere is emphatically cozy and heat despite the sudden neighborhood death. The teenaged characters square measure vivid and affirming with simply the proper quantity of irreverent dialogue. one thing to scan in one go as you sit back the fireplace on a winters evening. Rondy depends heavily on the interest of the characters developed in Moosicide and whereas painting a motivating image of an area event doesn’t build up the story quite therefore well. it’s over before you’ve got an opportunity to actually marvel concerning the mystery. however, it’s nice to urge a touch one thing further and highlight the fun of e-publishing.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

+ Why you’ll like it…
Really warm young adult fiction. Well-drawn characters. Compact plot.
– Why you won’t…
If you like your detective stories dark you’ll be disappointed.