The review of Halogens and the Noble Gases topic | College Chemistry

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The elements fluorine (F), chlorine(Cl), bromine(Br), iodine(I) and astatine(At) are called halogens.These elements are called the halogens from Greek hals, “salt” and gentian, “to form or generate”, because they are literally the salt formers. The halogen elements form a group of very reactive nonmetals and are quite similar to each other in their chemical properties. ….  Read More

Data Communication and Networking | Computer Networks

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Designing a Communications System Increasingly, it is networks that connect us. People communicate online from everywhere. Classroom conversations turn into instant message chat sessions, and online discussions continue at school. New services are developed every day to take advantage of the network. Rather than developing unique and separate systems for the delivery of each new ….  Read More

Computer Networks

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Network Definition Networks are systems that are formed by links. For example, roads that connect groups of people together create a physical network. Connections with your friends create your personal network. Websites that allow individuals to link to each other’s pages are called social networking sites. People use the following networks every day: Mail delivery ….  Read More

Photography for Beginners

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