I wanted to do kind of like an update and also talk about the books that I read this year because some people are asked for that so I’m just trying to fill out your requests. My bowl last year was to read 13 books this year my goal is to read 14 books.I generally don’t like to buy books because I like to travel light.I like the idea that I can just pack a bag and move countries at any moment.

So these are all of the books that I currently own this one is from the library but all the books I read last year.I took out at the library.so I’m not going to go through all of the books.I read because probably and a lot of them aren’t interesting for you but I will just give some honorable mentions of the books that I like last year. hat kind of books do I recommend reading?

I like to read a range of different convictions to fiction to biographies like historical fiction.I think a good reason to read books is actually just to I know it sounds stupid and your mind but you know if you stay and you’re saying hometown.

you always talk to the same people you don’t grow.I think as much as if you know have the opportunity to go to university and you know to parties and meet people from different departments and from different cultures and different countries and you really get to open up your mind.but if you don’t have that opportunity another thing you can do is read a book so you get to immerse yourself into the lives of some people that you know you’ve never met before or you have no idea.What it’s like to be this type of person or grow up in a certain country and I think reading the book sort of expands your mind in that sense especially.

I know if you’re studying you don’t have time to do that I definitely didn’t have time to do that when I was studying but now that I’ve been out of school for a year I don’t get to meet those people at parties anymore but reading books is sort of like my way to keep learning and interacting with it sounds like a really antisocial thing to say but in terms of like expanding your mind.

I think books do a really good job at that so that being said one book that I really liked.and I read last year so this is the only book I have in this bookshelf that I actually read and obviously crushing it by Gary Vaynerchuk this is just in terms of cash in on your passion.it’s just a really good book if you want to have a side hustle or whatever it’s just like a good kind of like a reference guide to always have books that I really liked and read last year the complete Persepolis it’s about it’s like a comic book actually.

it’s about this girl that grew up in Iran during the Revolution and how her parents moved her to Vienna Austria during the revolution.because they didn’t want her to grow up in Iran during the war.it’s really interesting really good takes probably three days to read The Handmaid’s Tale.

I really like this type of dystopian future type of book.I read brave new world when I was in high school and it’s still one of my favorite books.and I would similarly put Handmaid’s Tale in the same category.it’s also a very good dystopian type novel the power.I read the power.it’s a new book it’s another dystopian novel but in a world where women all of a sudden had the power to kill with the touch of a hand and then there’s just this entire world that’s created around women abusing this power.

it’s just really interesting how the author creates this dystopian future where women are just killing people all over the place.it’s also great to read they hate you give.it was kind of like one of those popular books that like you walk by chapters in indigo in it.it was on sale so I picked it up and it was actually really good really insightful from a young author.

it was really impressive how the author was so young but was still able to read so much of the emotion in this story. nd I thought that was impressive the book that I really recommend is the color purple.I really liked this book and you will too now what books. I am going to read this year if you want to join me these are the books that I have here one book.Oh I already read this book this year what is this called it’s called how to be a woman hilarious it’s really really funny

I want to read a wrinkle in time this is supposed to be what is this focusing no a wrinkle in time it’s supposed to be sci-fi.I don’t know like my children’s book.I don’t know Gregory Maguire.I read one of his books by about Cinderella he’s the guy that also wrote the wicked musical like the books that the musical is based on and this one is supposed to be about Alice in Wonderland.so I like the author hopefully.I like the book this one is another popular book that everyone seems to be reading someone was giving it away.

so I just grabbed it the book of Negroes.I had this book from a friend of mine for like probably five years now.and I haven’t read it.so this year I’m finally gonna read it.so that I could finally give it back to her.I don’t know if I’m gonna read this book called blindness.I just like found it someone was giving it away so it’ll sit here until I read it.also gone girl it’s the movie with like Ben Affleck and that blonde chick maybe I’ll read it I don’t know that was another free book

I got in the last free book.I got is we the Drowned hello we the Drowned so I have three free books we’ll see if I read them you can decide.if you want to join on any of those books.this book is supposed to be really good.surely you’re joking Mr. Fineman of course about Richard Fineman really you know.if you don’t know who he is then you should look him up because that’s dumb that book.

I’ve married finally.the mother lode my goal for this year is to read war and peace by Leo Tolstoy.this is how thick the book is.I was like me we should read it in Russian to practice Russian.then I was like that’s probably the stupidest thing you’ve ever said in your life look how small the writing is it’s like it’s gonna take me.I’m gonna set aside two months to read this.what is this scantron what the heck is that.

I have no idea yeah so we got some big books to read this year join me  and I hope you’re excited for the adventure we’re gonna go on together playing with some electronics doing all this stuff.let me know if you’re gonna join me with my reading challenge.do you want to see all the books I’ve been reading .and if let me know what books you are reading in the comments below?