Shades of Night by R. G. Porter

Kristoff and Edward are vampires who hunt their own. They are enforcers for the Council who respect the natural order on earth. But the renegades want to take over. And Kristoff soon realizes this involves the life of a woman he has just fallen in love with, who as part Fae, is forbidden to his kind

This story started strong, with Kristoff fighting a renegade and realizing that something is amiss. When Edward appears and tells him his mother has been murdered, and when he then falls in love with Alexandra, you know you are in for a battle in which the lines of good versus evil will be blurred. Except that before the battle we have a very clunky romance. Much repetition is used to convey their angst at being vampire and fae in love, and the dialogue is contrived. But when the action starts again, the renegade’s team up with werewolves and demons come out of the woodwork, it becomes exciting, and the book closes on a cliff-hanger ready to go for the next installment.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Why you’ll like it
Vampires are still hot, and this has good ones, bad ones, werewolves, demons, and fae, battling for their lives and the future of the planet.

Why you won’t
The love story is clumsy, and some of the dialogue left me feeling less sympathetic towards the characters.