In this article, I’m going to recommend 11 books for people who are beginning reading or are readers but do not read a lot. so they can read these books and these books are bound to make you fall in love with reading. Reading is such a good habit but sometimes people just don’t start off with the right book and they think that reading is not just their thing. so the book that I’m going to recommend is both that are very easy but intriguing and amazing at the same time.

The books are from all genres and they are for all types of people so regardless of whether you are under 13 if you are a romantic. if you like trilling nor birds or if you like methodological novels. These books are the best recommendations that you can ever get so get ready to read this article.

I want to recommend is Immortals of Meluha by commish. So this book is the first book in a trilogy and I have not completed the trilogy as yet but the writing style is so amazing. Ameesha has been praised by so many people across the media so many people love amines because of his beautiful writing style inclusive of me.

It is very easy but intriguing your writing style has that thing you know. You just can’t quit and the same thing happens to you when you read Meluha’s Immortals in his book Shiva is numbered or rather reinvented as a man who was a Tibetan immigrant living in the Indus Valley Civilization era. As you read it, as you read this book.

It will be nice if you don’t think of him as the god Shiva because that will only hinder your reading experience. Just take this book and start reading. I bet you will love this book so much. The next one will be the namesake of Jhumpa Lahiri.

It has Indians living abroad connecting, it has so many things in just over three hundred pages, which is absolutely amazing. The writing style of the Champa ladies is also so brilliant that once you read Champa, ma’am. You can’t stop reading it. I love Jhumpa Lahiri, she is one of my favorite authors and I definitely recommend him.

The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri, but in case you don’t want to read the novel, you can also read a disease interpreter from Jhumpa Lahiri, which is a collection of stories and I even love it in case you don’t want to read this novel. . Because it’s 300 pages long, you can pick the Jumpin ‘iris disease interpreter, which is an equally brilliant collection of short stories. If you like to read romance novels. If you are a romantic person, I think Janus has a nine-chambered heart that will change your views on love life.

Forever, this book was an incredible read. When I did, I couldn’t stop crying. This book portrays a woman from the perspective of nine people who had loved or had been loved. But feeling complete at the same time, which makes you wonder.

No names have been mentioned. No places have been mentioned, this could be almost anytime anywhere. This could be the story of your life. This could be the story of my life. This could be the story of everyone’s life. I love Janni’s various writing styles. You can also pick up Janie’s periods seahorse. It’s also really good in case you don’t want to read short stories. Novels: You can buy Ruskin Bond stories without haste. This is a collection of novels.

Novels are very short novels, so they are not short stories or novels, there is something in between. I really enjoy the novels in this collection. It also has one of my favorite Ruskin Bond novelists. That’s the time stops at Chumley. It is an incredible story about a man who meets his lost lover in Chumley. It is absolutely beautiful because you need it after you get married. It is very moving and heartwarming. I don’t know, I cried a lot. So the stories in this collection are time stops.

At the Chumley bus stop, people from Nagar, Tiger’s last angry river, Leo’s herd of blue umbrellas steals from Our Costigan. So yes, these are the stories in this collection. So it’s a good deal because you get a hardcover. I only have 500 rupees and as many novels as in him. For the kids, the book recommendations will be Anna Sewell’s black beauty. However, this is not really a children’s book. I enjoy this even as an adult now. The thing is, I have a great connection to Black Beauty.

Basically this was the first book I read in my life. When it was classified, we got this project to read the book. Options well Black Beauty Wind in the Willows, something is written by n, and something else, I just forgot those two things. I chose a black beauty, my father brought me this book from the library. I had no library membership until then, I had read black beauty. I was so moved that I couldn’t stop trying that it was me, 9 or 10 years old, who was crying because of this beautiful and beautiful horse.

All the difficulties you had to face I loved this book. I asked my father to enroll me in the library. So Black Beauty has a really very personal story with me. I think this book is one of those books that all move. If you are an animal lover, this book will destroy you because it is absolutely beautiful. The next time you see a horse waiting to be the pod door.

I think you will avoid it. The following is a little princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This book is about this girl who lives. This book is about a rich girl who goes to boarding school but then loses her father’s shoes. Then she becomes extremely poor but the lover cannot get rid of her. Because now she is his disability. She has no living people to take care of her. So now the mistress takes advantage of her and forces her. Do all the maid rides on site. She takes this very positively. she does her job very well.